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Roller Training @ Terra Romania

The comprehensive compaction training in Romania was a success! Participants learned all about Soil Application and the CA soil roller series as well as Seismic technology. They also got product presentations about the big and small asphalt rollers of the CC series. A look under the hood was a great addition too! 🤩 We are […]

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Training season in full swing

The training season is in full swing! Well, the participants of the Compact Paver Training were really lucky with the weather! And with their trainer Thomas, a real professional. 🙂 The operators in the feeder class are also to be envied – you don’t have such a great machine at your disposal every day! Book […]

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What we offer

For us to be a sustainble partner in you business it is not only our job to deliver machines designed to perform and built to last. It is our mission to make sure you get the most out of your machine in uptime and quality results. We support you for use with operator trainings and support you with your construction projects on request.

Application Training

The requirements in road construction are constantly increasing and require a high degree of procedural knowledge, as well as care in the preparation work and in the construction work.

We provide the relevant knowledge and give important advice that can support you when using our construction equipment. Road pavers, rollers.and light equipment.

Service Training

We offer support and training courses to ensure your operators can utilize their potential, learn how to operate safe and effective.

Increase their operating techniques and preventativly take care of the equipment to minimze wear and tear. We want to make sure your operators can get the job done in the safest and the most cost efficient way.

Job-Site Support

In addition to our usual commissioning trainings for our machines, we also offer extended jobsite support. We assist you with our many years of experience in the road construction business. Especially with our process optimization tools we can support you with monitoring and documentation of all important paving and compaction parameters.

Who is who?

Our network in application and competence development is constantly growing. We encourage networking and knowledge exchange.

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